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Note on the implications of no-deal Brexit in terms

Should the United Kingdom leave the European Union without a deal, then, starting from the first day after Brexit, all rights to healthcare services provided for by the EU mechanism for the coordination of social security systems and held before that date by:

  • persons insured in Poland will expire in the UK.
  • persons insured in the UK – their rights will expire in Poland.

This shall apply to: tourists, persons visiting their country of origin, persons visiting families residing in Poland or in the UK, employees and the self-employed, the unemployed, pensioners, persons applying for retirement pension/disability pension/etc., schoolchildren and students, as well as family members of the insured.

Persons residing in UK

Persons residing in Poland


European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) / Other evidence of entitlement to healthcare services (PD S1, S2, DA1 or forms E106, E109

Polish citizens returning from the UK to Poland

Healthcare providers in Poland

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