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Obtain the EHIC by e-mail

From 1 October 2021, by e-mail, you will be able to apply only for the EHIC as an employee (travelling for work). You will be able to apply for the EHIC as a tourist (tourist travelling) only:

  • using IKP
  • using ePUAP


Step 1: Download the application

Travelling for work:

downloadable application – PDF (291kb) sample of completed application – PDF (441kb)

Step 2: Complete and sign the application

  • If you need the EHIC to be labelled with a Braille sticker, please mention this on the application form. Write by hand: Card for blind/visually impaired person.
  • Please provide the address where you want us to post the EHIC.

Step 3: Send the application

Send the scanned application to:

  •  (only for the EHIC applications as an employee).
  • Are you 18 years old, are you a pupil, student or doctoral student and are you insured as a family member? Please enclose with your application a copy of your current pupil/student ID card or other proof of continuing your education.
  • We will process your EHIC application within 5 working days, and within 10 working days from June to September.

PLEASE NOTE! When applying by e-mail, the EHIC is always posted to the address provided.

If you have any questions concerning the issuing of the EHIC, please contact the Patient Information Line at 800-190-590

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