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Obtain the EHIC using ePUAP

Step 1: Log in to ePUAP

1. Visit the website: https://epuap.gov.pl/.

2. Log in to the ePUAP platform.

3. Select 'Health' from the cases list.

Step 2: Complete your application online

1. Select ‘Issue the EHIC for a temporary stay abroad’ or ‘Issue the EHIC for working abroad’.

2. Complete the application form and click ‘Next’.

3. ‘Sign’ the application.

4. If you need the EHIC to be labelled with a Braille sticker, please type: 'Card for blind/visually impaired person'.

5. Please provide the address where you want us to post the EHIC.

Step 3: Submit your application online

  • Are you 18 years old, are you a pupil, student or doctoral student and are you insured as a family member? Please enclose with your application a copy of your current pupil/student ID card or other proof of continuing your education.
  • We will process your EHIC application within 5 working days, and within 10 working days from June to September.

PLEASE NOTE! When applying using ePUAP, the EHIC is always posted to the address provided.

If you have any questions concerning the issuing of the EHIC, please contact the Patient Information Line at 800-190-590

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