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Obtain the EHIC in person at any branch or delegation of the National Health Fund (NFZ)

Step 1: Download the application

Tourist travelling:

downloadable application – PDF (258kb) sample of completed application – PDF (406kb)

Travelling for work:

downloadable application – PDF (291kb) sample of completed application – PDF (441kb)

Step 2: Complete and sign the application

  • If you need the EHIC to be labelled with a Braille sticker, please mention this on the application form. Write by hand: Card for blind/visually impaired person

Step 3: Submit the application to the branch

Contact details of provincial branches of the National Health Fund

  • You can obtain the EHIC straight away. A Braille sticker as well.
  • Are you 18 years old, are you a pupil, student or doctoral student and are you insured as a family member? Please enclose with your application a copy of your current pupil/student ID card or other proof of continuing your education.
  • You can authorise another person to apply for the EHIC on your behalf.

Authorisation for a third party to submit an application and collect the EHIC – PDF (192kb)

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